Author and Reality


The Facts:

Name: Christine Kaiser

Born: 1973 in Medias, Romania

Still student: German Literature, Philosophy, Political Sciences

Married, two kids, lives now for 18 years in the city of pleasant boredom (Erlangen)

Multiple interests: mathematics, physics, other nature sciences, internet, literature, movies, politics, architecture, sports (by doing it myself), dietology, paedagogy, feminism, religion, psychology, philosophy (no regard of order of succession))

Fascinated by the mechanisms of the founding of religions, conspiracy theories, gender and the relationship between sciences, theories and myths.


Do these facts about me tell you anything about my personality? Maybe you get more information by its form than by its content, n'est-ce pas?


It is never possible to step twice into the same river. Panta rhei. Demokrit.
The Book "The Hunt" influenced my life, it poored out from me. It was more that the Book wrote me, and less me writing the Book. It is bigger than (my) life.
I invite you to step into this new river. But be aware of the steep ground, the swifty streams. But if you love water as I do, you won't get enough of it.

Tags for my book: nerd, evolution, feminism, Plato, gender, movies, Thomas Bernhard, Julian Assange, Code, illegitime, internet, Egypt, eugenics, Australia, Margaret Sanger, Chaos Computer Club, Berlin, religion, god, mother, sex, chat, youtube, dominance, equality, femininity, Big Beat, Propellerheads, Chemical Brothers, bellydance, erotic, predator, transcendence, state, technology, socialized, (to be continued) and hunt