MANIFEST: Alpha Gyne means Women with Power!


The male men believe to have the power. So they use it.

Women possess the real power. But because they don’t realize their power, they don’t realize their advantage.

The power of the woman lies in her womb. There grows the future generation. After it’s release in the world she will watch it’s moves. What can be more powerful than keeping the future in hand or womb?

Sisters in mind, be aware of your power! Use it, don’t let it take away from you.

Acquire genes with full awareness of their value, mix it with the value of your own genes, rejoice in the result. Administer the result well, deliver it in good state to the world.

But what do most women? They let themselves persuade to genes they don’t want. They hate the mixture growing in their womb. They want to share the power immediately after the deliverance. They don’t want to know that it ist he future that they had in their womb. Either they want to be again without belly and without power as they were before. Or they cling to the present and refuse the task to lead the genetic mixture to the future. They want the new generation feeble because they cling to it.

These women are stupid. These women are destructive. These women are not ready. Not ready to take responsibility, to decide by themselves. They let the society hustle them to decisions:

·         About how they find a man for sex, for children, for to have money. That it should be the same man.

·         to pumps, big chest, long shiny hair

·         to money

·         to having either children OR a carrier. But – in any case – to having a man

But women don’t need these things. Only what they really need. REALLY need. Because all these desires are only persuasions in order to give her a man as her master. That will decide for her. She will be under his tutelage.

We want to be self-reliant. We want to decide by ourselves whether we want long or short hair. Or no hair at all. Whether we need money. But not for shoes, make-up, dresses. We want money for ourselves. We want to decide by ourselves if we want a man for our bed, to being father to our children or if he will be raising them. And we have to recognize that only very few men are good for all three things. Because men are only human. And very stupid humans to be sure. Without real power. Only with the illusion of power.

We are the Women, we are the Gyne. We are the Alpha, we are the Powerful. Let us use this power.

We will use it for the Future.

The future is only then Future, when it is in relationship to mankind. Without this it is only a succession of events. The Future needs mankind.Future mankind. It will be no Future with the present or past man. We need a new kind of men. Men of the Future for the Future.


We don’t know the future and the future man either. But we now one thing: how the present looks like and how the former man looked like. Humans fear development. Men want only to preserve their power and women just forget how to spell the future.

But we, we want Alpha Gyne in order to get to the Alpha Humanorum. The First and the Best of mankind. The Pioneer for the New Frontier. The one that is decisive for the future.

But when we keep on going as we did until now, the evolution will fall back. If the Future begins without us, because we are so stuck in the present , than it is a catastrophey. We need this Pioneer, this Alpha Humanorum, it will pull us to the Future. So we wll be equal with it only to see it how it will be again ahead of us.

How does this Alpha Humanorum looks like? We don’t know. When will the Alpha Humanorum come into existence? We don’t know? How will it come into existence? We don’t know this.

But we know that we should strive the whole life long, the whole existence as species, during our time as inhabitants of the planet to get there, to the Alpha Humanorum.

Let us be attentive, let us be in full awareness, let us be ready and let us prepare.

We need discipline in the choice of our partner and discipline in the preparing of the next generation.

The generations to come will promote the Future. The Future will give birth to the CODE. The genetic code for mankind, the CODE for … well what for, for whom? We don’t know this, but we can see that there is a CODE. And this CODE is essential, because why should the evolution build such a complex mechanism just to produce the code? We can only take the conclusion that it is all about the CODE.


Our loyalty is not bound to humanity, we are loyal to the CODE!